​My name is Caryn (she/her), and I'm a Senior Producer at Hook in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


My coworkers would describe me as highly organized; they have actually laughed at the level of detail in my project status documents. In all seriousness, my team knows they can count on me to keep them looped in to project changes, get their questions answered, and manage expectations with clients and partners. At work, my goal is to keep my team, clients, creative partners, and myself calm and happy by always having a plan of action, and the flexibility to change course as needed.

Outside of work, I’m the same way. Whether it is budgets, trip planning, or decorating, I organize my personal life with Google Docs and a *subject to change* plan. I keep life creative as well by attempting DIY home projects inspired by HGTV, drawing silly cartoons for Instagram, and giving my husband unsolicited feedback on his music writing. Both in and out of the office, I’m the one with the spreadsheets and the calendar invites—but in a fun way!

Download my resume here.